Investigative journalism

January 29, 2015

This is the result of severals late night’s hours of work, in the Stockholm streets of taxicab labour market.

I believe investigative journalism, is one of the most important journalistic genres of them all. It reveals information previously unknown or kept hidden from the public – however, yet addresses the public interest and should therefor surface!
Some people claim that all reporting is investigative. After all, journalists routinely dig for facts. We ask questions, and get information. We ‘investigate’. But is this the whole picture? On the day-to-day practice of journalism today: how deep do reporters really dig? How apposed are the questions? And how complete or original is the information that get presented? Truth is that daily news coverage is usually not probing at all. The daily news coverage is rather reporting what officials and authorities say, topped with other people’s reactions and responses: the reporting is reactive. There is no digging beyond what has been done, said or seen as investigative journalism on the other hand really takes care of.

Now that we have separated the concept ‘investigative journalism’ from ‘daily reporting’, I’d like to underline the importance of our aspiration to go deeper, being curious, inquisitive, eager to reach what is truthful and point out what’s problematic in society. The legal framework is sagging on different areas, and in need of a change. It’s first when we enlighten these defects our society face, that we enable change and a precondition on the political level. Exposing how laws and regulations are violated increases the chance to make a change.

The investigative journalism in media today paint a picture of wrongdoing, and expose not just individual, but systemic, failures. Let us, at all times, stay curious and aspire to examine where systems go wrong in order to show who suffers from the mistakes. Having that said, I hope mine and Emmas article will actuate the debate to improve the conditions for everyone, fellow humans, who come here. This is our action, our counter-force, against the xenophobia this country is facing. What is yours?


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