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April 19, 2015

For once in a while I was free from work this weekend, so I took the opportunity to just chill and have a dinner at home with my sisters.
Fact #178 is that I love to cook! It’s probably something I’ve inherited from my mom who used to work as a kitchen chef back in the days. When me and my siblings were young it was a period when we got to choose one dish per week to make on our own, with my mom’s assistance and tips & tricks along the way. And from there the interest seems to have grown!
However time will pass before I try to make a Boeuf bourguignon or a lamb sept-heures, so until then I appreciate the glory of simplicity hehe. Therefore I made chicken-wraps yesterday (Marili<3’sChicken) and for dessert an apple & cinnamon ice cream with fruits, hazelnuts and smashed chocolate.


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