May 24, 2015

Another end of weekend. It always scares me how the weeks in May pass by faster than anything else.
whether you’re wasting it or not, time flies. How did it get so late so soon? There have been way more things
to enjoy in May, compared to the earlier months. Is it because of the sun? Because it sprinkles its energy and
warmth on everyone and everything? I know it’s not only the luminous spring-sun that fuels them good feelings.
Sometimes, when I watch things, just sit still and let the world exist, as it’s hectic spinning around, I string along
how all of it freezes for a while, in its tilt. Slight, but noticeable. It’s just been a lot of ups and downs lately that have
made me think, to live in these seconds, and somehow find a new shape of glory and inner serenity.

monday – hit me!


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