Written in stone

February 4, 2016

“The power of thoughts is a creative power”

Do you know what I hate about thoughts? They are a) too many b) fairly unorganized and c) suprisingly ambiguous. Who controls the mind? Few people are aware of the thoughts that pass through their minds. I’m one of those few people. Hi!
Most thinking is done in an automatic manner, which, according to my own analysis, should be the main reason to why my thoughts are too many, unorganized and ambiguous. Gah. Working on a newspaper haven’t really eased the mass of thoughts up. The way around. But I mean, all of us are constantly flooded with thoughts, ideas and information. This is all coming through our five senses and penetrate the mind, whether we are aware of this fancy little process or not. It’s. so. damn. fast. No wonder this flow of thoughts affects our behavior, reactions, daily shape and general condition… This flow influences our preferences, the way we think, the way we act, what we like, what we dislike, how we respond and how we choose to not respond. (yeah. I do that sometimes. Choose to not respond. You know, when someone is asking you a question and all you do is to just smile but remain silent, and they repeat themselves but you hold on strong to your right to not respond because this began awkward so you want it all to just go on in an awkwardly direction of weird one-way-communication, and when they eventually say “hello?!” followed by your name you gaze out and say “va?”, ONLY because you, from the very beginning this one person started to talk to you, were somewhere close to sunny Saint-Tropez collecting oranges on a farm, wearing a pair of purple flipflops, chewing on a sorrel and enjoying the sound of silence, as your thoughts, in the very thought, revolve around the reflection of how Saint-Tropez plays a major role in the history of modern art, after accidentally have seen the portrait of Hasekura Tsunenaga……who was the very first Japanese in Europe and he landed in, yes, thats right… ST TROPEZ.)

Do we need all this excessive baggage of heavy thoughts?  I say no gracias. I’d rather need a solid filter for ’em.


tired but happy, but tired. mind.

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