March 7, 2016

rather more than less, rather early than stress,
rather strong and sore, instead of fragile and poor
rather free and wild, rather creative as a child
rather sooner than later, rather a pencil and a paper
rather risks and dares, instead of those safe affairs
rather body and soul, striving for awareness and control
rather living everyday, instead of giving it away
rather emotional and alive, encouraging like a high-five
rather an inner-peace, rather taking life with ease
rather appreciating what’s now and here,
instead of looking for something that’s not even near
rather it’s you and me, rather it’s us I’d see
rather a vanishing kiss, rather being together than to miss

rather the bright – having that clear sight
rather the dark – unfolding a remark

rather choose and see, instead of waiting for ‘who you’ll be

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