September 7, 2016

now, why black?

    1. Nothing will ever be “the new black.”
    2. Black is “the new black.”
    3. Looking chic and classic all at once.
    4. Being asked if you’re going to a funeral is old. Very old.
    5. Mastering the art of color popping: lipstick, nail polish, necklace, shoes.. a dog!
    6. Always prepared for any social situation at any given time. Try to beat that, yellow or green!
    7. Everything comes in black. Everything. Some people even have black souls.
    8. Because the transition from day to night is very simple, if not too simple.
    9. People are intimidated by you because all-black is nothing but fierce.
    10. jk, I have more colored clothes than I have black.
    11. so who am I trying to fool here?
    12. Never live what you preach, but be efficient. wear black. black will always work.

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