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The redder the better

September 7, 2016


I found a rose garden in one of the parks here in Berlin, completely free from roses, however, still a very beautiful place and I’m glad I could serve the park a service and add some red to it.

… and regarding Bambi in the first pic: don’t you just hate it when fans walk up to you asking to take pictures?? I was like ‘oh deer give me a break’



September 7, 2016

now, why black?

    1. Nothing will ever be “the new black.”
    2. Black is “the new black.”
    3. Looking chic and classic all at once.
    4. Being asked if you’re going to a funeral is old. Very old.
    5. Mastering the art of color popping: lipstick, nail polish, necklace, shoes.. a dog!
    6. Always prepared for any social situation at any given time. Try to beat that, yellow or green!
    7. Everything comes in black. Everything. Some people even have black souls.
    8. Because the transition from day to night is very simple, if not too simple.
    9. People are intimidated by you because all-black is nothing but fierce.
    10. jk, I have more colored clothes than I have black.
    11. so who am I trying to fool here?
    12. Never live what you preach, but be efficient. wear black. black will always work.


August 21, 2016

Stockholm – Berlin

Two weeks ago I moved to Berlin, with the mindset of new city, new adventures.  So far I love this place, that is steeped in history at every turn. The city has so much to give to you. The casual statement that Berlin is “poor but sexy” probably holds true for most of us experiencing this town. I would say Berlin is like a victim of its own success. It’s like the city’s uncoolness was what once made it cool… possibly? maybe? However, I admire how the city is drawn by the startup boom and nightlife scene, offering around-the-clock excitement. Also, since I moved here, I’ve become a huge fan of street art. I truly believe Berlin has among the best street art in the world. Easily. You can just walk through any neighbourhood and you’ll see it everywhere. I will photograph my favorites and post them here soon.




June 5, 2016

Suede bag, ivory lace and denim dungarees. Pre-summer uniform.


I may delay, but time will not

May 17, 2016

Dear 10239382 followers, readers, fans, enemies and future employers,

I am right now in the midst of my final sprint of school in combination with working weekends at the newspaper and everything thereto, which leaves me with little (or no time at all actually) for this little preppy bloggy soggy social platform of mine. However, as soon I get over the finish line and finally have that firm grip of the splendid journalism diploma in my hand (June 2nd more precisely, can’t believe it’s so soon???), I can assure more posts and updates to be seen here again.

“I kinda wanted to figure out why I am so busy, but I couldn’t find the time to do it…” YES

Stay with me! I would!