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October 6, 2016

After doing some renovating on the site, these are the freshly new categories the content will follow from now on:


Here I collect everything and beyond that I capture with my camera. Therefore there will be a widely mix of portraits, travel pictures and sceneries, as well as animals, flowers and food or whatever else comes in my way


A selection of what I like to write, which can be more or less about every topic under the sun


Straight up outfits and clothes, for all types of weather, seasons and occasions that inspire me. Both whole looks and closer details of different accessories


Being more or less always on the go, this is the category with insights of the every-day-life captures. Simply raw and sincere photos taken with my iPhone


Along the same lines as above, listening to inspiring music lifts us up in so many ways. Here I publish the soundtracks of my life (so far discovered), that I like to play on the piano or in the background as I work, write, cook, dance or sleep.


Flea market

June 6, 2016

On sunday we visited this flea market, situated on Södermalm, south of Stockholm. It runs along the water and I would say it’s the classic kind of flea market, with a wide range of exciting exhibitors with everything from food and antiques, to art, design and vintage. Maybe one of Stockholm’s nicest Sunday pleasures to saunter around at?
By the way, this vegetarian halloumi burger with red cabbage and vegetables above was an adventure on its own. Best flavorful summer dish ever made, ever eaten. Simply wow, without hurting any cow.