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March 8, 2017

No sir.
You don’t have the right to tell us to do that.
You don’t have the right to command us.

No sir.
We never wished to have power over you.
We wished to have power over ourselves.

No sir.
We never had a problem to stand alone.
But we always had a problem with the way things
are in the arrangement of our chromosomes.

No sir.
Right now just isn’t the time to trust the process.
Right now the process still wrestles with problems in pursuing
equal opportunity in education, employment and reproductive freedom.

Yes sir.
Sometimes it seems like the world is slowly sliding backwards,
and no one is even noticing.

Yes sir.
Your claim to superiority depends on the use you have
made of your own time, experiences and freedom.
Your claim to the favorable position creates a shadow over us,
a shadow so broad no matter day or night.

Yes sir.
These are burning times. What you see is our spark.
These are burning times. What you hear is a reclaim of our minds.
These are burning times. What you feel is the recuperation of our empowerment.


Time undone

March 4, 2017

I can still remember when time was too abundant to seem valuable. Growing up as a child, when one was just flushing summers and whole months, years, down the drain without any concern that time was being spent, that time was being consumed. There was no such awareness. Because of course, to a child, time is the gray brick wall that stands between you and Christmas morning. It’s the brick wall between you and the time it takes to bike down to the lake, to spend all those erratic hours. There was nothing that kept us away from being where we should be, there and then. We were simply living as trapped in the amber of every moment given to us, without even reflecting about it.

Nowadays I wear a watch on my arm. Keeping track of time is essential for perceiving what’s happening around us and responding to it, right? Just imagine how your perception of time slows down, as you see a car crash on the road ahead of you. Also imagine how time speeds up, when you’re wheeling around a dance floor in love, filled with joy.

In comparison to our younger years, we now tell our friends and family we have no time for all the things we want to do. For this reason, I have wanted to stop time. It isn’t because I don’t see any value in the future, but it’s because time itself is what makes us here. And by this I mean here and now. How come this constant challenge is so hard to manage? Maybe it’s because we don’t understand time, even though we keep trying to measure it more and more accurately in all our actions.

Last night it was a starlit sky in Berlin. I stood on the balcony and the air was clear and chilly. Some people who watch the stars stick with the traditional feeling of being “completely struck by the epic beauty”, or even “blown away by the insane scale of the universe”. I used to think this as well. But nowadays I tend to instead go for the occult and existential meltdown, followed by acting weird for the next half hour, trying to figure out life, time, purpose, future and me. All at once. (… it’s fueling further having a roof window in the bedroom, right over the bed, as if you don’t already have enough existential thoughts right before going to sleep.) Anyway, everyone feels something when looking up, watching that starry, infinite sky.

I tend to wrap my thoughts up by thinking that humanity is just a lonely orphan on a tiny rock, in the middle of a vast and starry universe. When I stand there on the balcony freezing my ass off because it’s yet just March, thinking this, it opens the door just a crack that maybe, just maybe, there might be more to the story than we realize. Now that’s a reason to find our way back, to when we were trapped in the amber of the moment, and when time was too abundant to seem valuable. Time will conquer us all anyway, so let’s stay humble.

to sleep.



Happybooth x Diesel

January 7, 2017

I thought I would take the opportunity to highlight and do some modest free advertising for my boyfriend’s company Happybooth, here in Berlin. They rent out photo booths for all sorts of different occasions, and right before christmas they had their photo booths in several Diesel stores around in Germany. It was for Diesel’s fury fur campaign ‘fur me, for you, fur holidays’, and of course I wanted to drop by and check it out! If you’re ever feeling keen to rent a photo booth for your party/graduation/birthday/company-event/store/wedding or just to have at home in your living room, then I’d suggest you take a look at their website:

/proud gf


May 4, 2016

Just when I thought I have learned the way to live, act, feel and think, life changes.
This made me reach the conclusion though, that there is nothing permanent.
Except change. Change is our only permanent.



March 9, 2016

when mind is spinning around, and thoughts are hitting the ground,
dreams at night are all safe and sound,  yet nothing new has been found

when being in a cloud of confusion, infusion, lack of solution and contribution,
dreams at night are all safe and sound,  yet nothing new has been found

when the blessings are being counted, and the decisions being doubted
when life’s fooling you to dare, and you’re too busy to even care
when the day reaches its end, and there’s an infinite number of hours left to spend,
dreams at night are nothing but safe and sound, and something new is suddenly found.



March 7, 2016

rather more than less, rather early than stress,
rather strong and sore, instead of fragile and poor
rather free and wild, rather creative as a child
rather sooner than later, rather a pencil and a paper
rather risks and dares, instead of those safe affairs
rather body and soul, striving for awareness and control
rather living everyday, instead of giving it away
rather emotional and alive, encouraging like a high-five
rather an inner-peace, rather taking life with ease
rather appreciating what’s now and here,
instead of looking for something that’s not even near
rather it’s you and me, rather it’s us I’d see
rather a vanishing kiss, rather being together than to miss

rather the bright – having that clear sight
rather the dark – unfolding a remark

rather choose and see, instead of waiting for ‘who you’ll be


Nespresso boutique

February 16, 2016

The coffee journey to perfection

I could see myself  living in an apartment with the same interior as a Nespresso store. Walls, tables and floor all go in the color of freshly-brewed dark brown, and everything you need for that glory moment of the day is gathered in one place. Isn’t an aura of coffee just so homely? Coffee and coffee, everywhere you look! By now you get it, I AM A COFFEE-ENTHUSIAST, and it’s growing stronger for every cup I drink, even though we don’t know yet whether that’s a positive sign or not.
We all remember that first cup of coffee though. How it tasted terrible. It was sloppy. It was too hot, too bitter. On the whole, too gross. But it offered the promise of alertness. Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world – and we’re all suckers for group pressure. So we learn to drink it. We learn to endure it. By unknown reasons, we just won’t give up. And all of a sudden it’s too late. It sneaks up on us and then the mission of the lurking little cup of coffee is accomplished. Hidden within that hot black silken elixir is a chemical that has taken over our brains, and entering a Nespresso boutique like this made it all so clear: WE DO LOVE COFFEE.
The store is characterized with everything we need, and everything we didn’t know we need, in the way of coffee. Cups, machines, capsules, spoons, bags, travel-mugs, back-walls and even postcards….(??) The store is stylistically pure and well thought-out. Maybe, a little like a museum in the way that you walk out of there with a pleased feeling and weird calmness. In contrast to a museum though you’re not bored as hell, nor tired, but instead feeling higher than Empire State Building on caffeine.

It’s not a beverage, it’s a moment. Bean me up!


Written in stone

February 4, 2016

“The power of thoughts is a creative power”

Do you know what I hate about thoughts? They are a) too many b) fairly unorganized and c) suprisingly ambiguous. Who controls the mind? Few people are aware of the thoughts that pass through their minds. I’m one of those few people. Hi!
Most thinking is done in an automatic manner, which, according to my own analysis, should be the main reason to why my thoughts are too many, unorganized and ambiguous. Gah. Working on a newspaper haven’t really eased the mass of thoughts up. The way around. But I mean, all of us are constantly flooded with thoughts, ideas and information. This is all coming through our five senses and penetrate the mind, whether we are aware of this fancy little process or not. It’s. so. damn. fast. No wonder this flow of thoughts affects our behavior, reactions, daily shape and general condition… This flow influences our preferences, the way we think, the way we act, what we like, what we dislike, how we respond and how we choose to not respond. (yeah. I do that sometimes. Choose to not respond. You know, when someone is asking you a question and all you do is to just smile but remain silent, and they repeat themselves but you hold on strong to your right to not respond because this began awkward so you want it all to just go on in an awkwardly direction of weird one-way-communication, and when they eventually say “hello?!” followed by your name you gaze out and say “va?”, ONLY because you, from the very beginning this one person started to talk to you, were somewhere close to sunny Saint-Tropez collecting oranges on a farm, wearing a pair of purple flipflops, chewing on a sorrel and enjoying the sound of silence, as your thoughts, in the very thought, revolve around the reflection of how Saint-Tropez plays a major role in the history of modern art, after accidentally have seen the portrait of Hasekura Tsunenaga……who was the very first Japanese in Europe and he landed in, yes, thats right… ST TROPEZ.)

Do we need all this excessive baggage of heavy thoughts?  I say no gracias. I’d rather need a solid filter for ’em.


tired but happy, but tired. mind.


Isn’t growth supposed to feel good?

December 9, 2015

Growth isn’t always linear, blaha blaha. So what does that even implicate? I thought. Oswald Chamber is giving it a try to break it down like: “If you are going through a time of discouragement, there is a time of great personal growth ahead…” But sweet Oswald, I don’t like this deal at all. If I were to look back at my life, as I often do, I’d notice a pattern of events and emotions similar to an EKC monitor… beep… beep… beep… beep…  safe and somewhat steady, sure, but for every high peak, I’ve had a deep valley. Who wants discouragement, only to gain personal growth? Anyone? It’s just for every step forward one takes, there’s a heavy stumble back — sometimes just a tiny centimeter or two, possibly three, while at other times it feels like miles. Why can’t progress in life rather require a steady, consistent climb uphill towards the goals…?  You know, just the feeling when you struggle with something you have struggled with before, it feels like failure only because it reminds you of the other times you’ve had the exact same specific struggle, coming back to you again, and again. And again.
… But! I have recently reached a fresh perceptivity though: Progress doesn’t necessarily have to do anything about feeling better than we did the day before. It really doesn’t. Everyone is seeking growth, somehow, somewhen, somewhat in life, but what if that glorified and persistent happiness doesn’t come from a sense that every day of my life, EVERY DAY, I’m one centimeter closer to the ideal? (…mindsets like this can paralyze people, right?). May we instead of obsessing our challenges, move beyond them? May sound simple. But simple is good: Isn’t growth supposed to feel good? N-O. Apparently not. Maybe long-term, but not short-term. That’s the thing. Just like a muscle needs to be teared down, super-sore, devout, in order to grow stronger. *Flexing*.
We may never attain the ideal, but is okey. What I’ve attained though, is the fact that we can’t ever keep the happiness if we’re fixated on who we could, should, or would be – which doesn’t mean you can’t have goals, you can’t have growth, you can’t have peaks. Choose a mindset that doesn’t paralyze you, that doesn’t in any sense block your happiness.



Nod off

December 5, 2015

Book recommended for those, like me, who have lots of dreams. A little bit of dreams is some food for the thought written by Stase Michaels.
Even though there is some fluffy content from time to time (that can be taken with a pinch of salt),  it’s still an in-depth look at the topic that explains the mystical experiences that occur in the guise of dreams: “Emotions as dream flags”.  Dream on! Sleep is the best meditation, despite all.

There are no scary dreams,
only frightened dreamers